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Open60 by data42

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See it. Get it. Act.

With our software you immediately see what is buried and what matters in your data - and you can act on it.

Do you take important decisions? Do you have a full view of the relevant data? Do you recognize chances and risks early?

Does it work for you today? You know your company, your industry and your environment best. You have the experience and the expertise, but data volume is exploding and time pressure constantly rising!

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Use Cases

Get the most out of your data!
Let’s look at some examples how experts can gain insights - on their own - through visual analytics.

Foreign Investments

In your global business you invest worldwide? There are large risks for your projects and employees? You have a constant overview of the situation? Do you see dangers in time and have solid information to act?

See it. Get it. Act.

  • Monitor and understand the situation
  • Discover chances and risks early
  • Decide in time and take action.


Are you prepared to meet increasing compliance regulations on topics like money laundering and sustainability? Can wrong assessments be extremely expensive?

See it. Get it. Act.

  • Use all information and achieve complete transparency
  • Keep an overview and discover anomalies
  • Act legally compliant.


You take huge risks in research and development? You need to beat the competition and meet the high security requirements at the same time? How quickly can you adjust when things go wrong?

See it. Get it. Act.

  • Discover and understand problems faster
  • Stop and correct adverse developments
  • Identify and take your opportunities

Make better use of your expertise and data!


data42: Visual Data Analytics

Now I See!

Use your know how and expertise to get the most out of your data!

Connecting experts and data. Without any data science skills experts analyze data on their own and apply their knowledge and experience directly.

  • Keep control over your data in one tool
  • Analyze intuitvly and quickly
  • View from all angles
  • Discover the crucial relations
  • Exchange and transparently record insights

Realize the full potential of your data. Uncover what’s hidden, discover chances and risks faster and act in time!


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