Smart Data Discovery

empowering the user through AI

About data42

data42 is a young, innovative, fast growing enterprise within a well established corporation in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. We develop next generation Smart Data Discovery Software, that will reshape user experience using artificial intelligence. We enable business users without expert knowledge in data science to interactively analyze their own questions, gain insights and come to decisions. The relevant factor for the growing market of „Smart Data Discovery“ is the expansion of the user group in different domains.

Introducing: OPTIMIST

OPTIMIST - Smart Data Discovery

Easy Access to Insights for Business Users using Linked Open Data

  • Cognitive Computing supports the user through automation & augmented intelligence
  • Cutting-edge exploration and collaboration
  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • Independent and sustainable usage of different platforms
  • OPTIMIST empowers the business user without data science expert knowledge to faster and better analyze their own questions in a data-driven interactive way, to gain knowledge and make decisions
  • OPTIMIST offers with the help of artificial intelligence seamless and unique integration of visualization and exploration capabilities and a highly automated analysis.
  • With OPTIMIST, business users can for the first time independently use forecasting functions and other intelligent analysis methods with the support of cognitive computing.
  • Exploration, Monitoring, Prediction are easily accessible

Jobs at data42

  • We are successful because we are always open for good ideas and suggestions.
  • Our products enable us to quickly grow in an international market.
  • Our team is highly motivated and enthusiastic. Building sustainable success is very important to us.
  • We take our time to exchange knowledge (internally and externally) and we offer the latest technical equipment.
  • We are family-friendly and offer flexible and individual working time models.
  • We offer an attractive compensation model and aim at fair and achievable goals.
  • As a spin-off we are backed by a financially strong German company with long-term focus.


Gotenstrasse 18
20097 Hamburg